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What if one voiceover company could transform the voice talent hiring process into ONE EASY EMAIL? 

Enter VOICETALENTNOW. No fat. No haggle. No hassles. No waiting for an on-line auction with a cattle-call of voice talent fighting for the lowest bid. Just a lean, mean, machine for ordering voiceovers.  Voice talent for your :30 or :60 spot just $49.

Voice over talent that are professional. Voice over talent that are non-union and cost-effective. Voice over talent that are ready-to-record. Egos need not apply. Have script, will read - and these voice over talent won't charge you a king's ransom.  That's all there is to it.

Filling out our voice over order form is simple. Enter your voice talent selection. Cut/paste or attach your voice over script. Tell us how you want your voice over read. Submit your payment automatically via PayPal or major credit card. Check your email for your audio.